Publications  of  2005:



Papers published in research journals :

1.Hengbin An and Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), Directional secant method for nonlinear equations, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 175:2(2005), 291-304.  

2.Hengbin An and Zhongzhi Bai(白中治),NGLM: A globally convergent Newton-GMRES method, Mathematica Numerica Sinica,27:2(2005), 151-174. (In Chinese) (国内刊物)

 3.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治) and Hengbin An,On efficient variants and global convergence of the Newton-GMRES method,Journal on Numerical Methods and Computer Applications, 26:4(2005), 291-300. (国内刊物)

 4Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), M.K. Ng and Jianyu Pan, On alternating splitting waveform relaxation method and its successive overrelaxation acceleration, Computers and Mathematics with Applications,49:2-3(2005), 157-170. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物) 

5.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), G.H. Golub, Linzhang Lu and Junfeng Yin, Block triangular and skew-Hermitian splitting methods for positive-definite linear systems, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 26:3(2005), 844-863.(国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 6.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治) and M.K. Ng, On inexact preconditioners for nonsymmetric matrices, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 26:5(2005), 1710-1724. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 7.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), B.N. Parlett and Zengqi Wang, On generalized successive overrelaxation methods for augmented linear systems, Numerische Mathematik, 102:1(2005), 1-38. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物) 

8.H.B. Chen, X.F. Guo, D.H. Yu余德浩, Regularized hyper-singular boundary integral equations for error estimation and adaptive mesh refinement, Building Research Journal, 53:1(2005), 33-44. (国际)

 9.Zhiming Chen陈志明, W.B. Deng and H. Ye, A New Upscaling Method for the solute transport equations, Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems 13 (2005), 941-962. SCI

 10.Zhiming Chen (陈志明), G. Bao and H.J.Wu, An adaptive finite element method for diffraction gratings, Journal of the Optical Society of America A 22 (2005),1106-1114. SCI

11.Zhiming Chen (陈志明), W.B. Deng and H. Ye, Upscaling of a class of nonlinear parabolic equations for the flow transport in heterogeneous porous media, Communications in Mathematical Sciences 3 (2005), 493-515. 

12.Zhiming Chen